Womens Self Defense in Jackson

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Learn How To Defend Yourself With Scrap Jitsu's Women's Self Defense Program!

Physically, Mental and Emotional Personal Protection With Scrap Jitsu Self Defense!

If you are afraid when you travel alone, apprehensive when walking past strangers at night, or have been victimized and can't move past your fears, our Woman's ONLY Scrap Jitsu Self Defense program will be a godsend for you! We provide a safe and supportive haven, where women can gain the skills, strength and encouragement to overcome their fears and stop being victimized once and for all!

With Scrap Jitsu Self Defense, you'll learn empty hand responses to maximize the effectiveness of an attack by exploiting vulnerable parts of your opponent's body.

Release Your Fear, and Reclaim and Rebuild Your Life!

Scrap Jitsu self-defense training will be individually tailored to your level of fitness, flexibility and body style. You will gain the confidence to deal with unwanted physical contact, potential rape situations, and hostile verbal behavior. This program focuses on effective and aggressive survival techniques that use quick moves that strike vital points. You'll learn to stay calm, strike and escape. Plus, you'll learn about the mental and emotional weaknesses that attackers normally prey upon.

Here you'll use your hands, arms, elbows, legs and knees to overpower your opponents. And, with each punch and kick you'll gain confidence and regain trust.

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